Summer School Teacher Interest Form

For Credit Courses, Current District 211 Employees


NOTE: Every effort will be made to match applicants with their first choice assignment based on your years of teaching experience and education, as well as the applicant's availability to teach both semesters of summer school. Assignments to specific buildings will be based on needs of the program. Please submit this online application to the Summer School Office by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

Salary for summer school teachers will be determined by years of full-time teaching experience in District 211 per the negotiated contract. A required workshop for all freshmen and sophomore academy instructors is scheduled for Monday, June 3, from 10:30 a.m. until 12:15 p.m. at Schaumburg High School. A required two-hour workshop for all summer school teachers is scheduled for Monday, June 3, from 1:15 p.m. until 3:15 p.m. in your assigned building. Classes begin Tuesday, June 4. First semester classes end Tuesday, June 25. Second semester classes begin Wednesday, June 26 and end Thursday, July 18. Classes will NOT be held on Fridays. There are 64 hours of student contact time in each semester.

Summer School Office
Township High School District 211
1750 South Roselle Road
Palatine, IL 60067-7379
(847) 755-6720

This Application is for Full Time In-District Teachers Only. If you are a District 211 Teacher Assistant please complete the Non District Teachers application.
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Dept: Applied Technology

  Applied TechnologyT272Networking: IT Fundamentals3 weeks
  Applied TechnologyT672Networking: IT Fundamentals3 weeks
  Applied TechnologyT936Diesel Technology3 weeks

Dept: Art

  ArtA153Art3 weeks
  ArtA195Digital Media Arts I3 weeks
  ArtA902Photography3 weeks

Dept: Business Education

  Business EducationB285Consumer Education3 weeks
  Business EducationB952Online Keyboarding6 weeks

Dept: College Major and Career Cluster Explorations

  College Major and Career Cluster ExplorationsR951Interactive & Info Principle 13 weeks
  College Major and Career Cluster ExplorationsR952Digital Design & Development 23 weeks
  College Major and Career Cluster ExplorationsT946Building Construction I3 weeks
  College Major and Career Cluster ExplorationsT947Building Construction II3 weeks

Dept: Driver Education

  Driver EducationP902Driver Education6 weeks
  Driver EducationP912Driver Education Classroom6 weeks

Dept: Elective Credits

  Elective CreditsR954Stagecraft and Entertain3 weeks

Dept: English

  EnglishE101English 13 weeks
  EnglishE102English 13 weeks
  EnglishE201English 23 weeks
  EnglishE202English 23 weeks
  EnglishE301English 33 weeks
  EnglishE302English 33 weeks
  EnglishE422Senior English3 weeks
  EnglishR993Preparing for AP3 weeks

Dept: Health

  HealthP242Health Education3 weeks

Dept: Mathematics

  MathematicsM114Algebra 13 weeks
  MathematicsM117Algebra 13 weeks
  MathematicsM214Plane and Solid Geometry3 weeks
  MathematicsM217Plane and Solid Geometry3 weeks
  MathematicsM314Algebra 23 weeks
  MathematicsM317Algebra 23 weeks
  MathematicsM438Trigonometry Calculus A3 weeks
  MathematicsM917Preparation for Algebra I3 weeks
  MathematicsM927Preparation for Algebra 16 weeks
  MathematicsM992Preparation for Geometry3 weeks
  MathematicsM993Preparation for Algebra 2 3 weeks
  MathematicsM994Algebra 13 weeks

Dept: Physical Education

  Physical EducationP903SS Physical Education6 weeks

Dept: Science

  ScienceS131Biology3 weeks
  ScienceS137Biology3 weeks
  ScienceS221Introductory Physical Science3 weeks
  ScienceS233Physical Sci3 weeks
  ScienceS234Earth Science3 weeks
  ScienceS332Chemistry3 weeks
  ScienceW691Intro to Human Diseases3 weeks
  ScienceW695Health Occupation Observ.6 weeks

Dept: Social Studies

  Social StudiesG143World Geography3 weeks
  Social StudiesG146World History3 weeks
  Social StudiesG341United States History3 weeks
  Social StudiesG342United States History3 weeks
  Social StudiesG441Social Science Survey3 weeks
  Social StudiesG442Social Science Survey3 weeks
  Social StudiesG992Prep for AP Social Studies3 weeks

Dept: Special Education

  Special EducationE220English 23 weeks
  Special EducationE905Supplemental English3 weeks
  Special EducationE907Supplemental Reading3 weeks
  Special EducationM905Supplemental Math3 weeks
  Special EducationR900Support Center/SIP3 weeks
  Special EducationR920SEA 1 Mathematics Improvement6 weeks
  Special EducationR930SEA 1 Reading Improvement6 weeks
  Special EducationR940STRIDES Enrichment6 weeks
  Special EducationR940STRIDES Enrichment Level 16 weeks
  Special EducationR970SEA 2 Mathematics Improvement6 weeks
  Special EducationR980SEA 2 Reading Improvement6 weeks
  Special EducationR990STRIDES Enrichment6 weeks
  Special EducationR990STRIDES Enrichment Level 26 weeks
  Special EducationT910Work Experience3 weeks
  Special EducationT920Supplemental Skills3 weeks

Dept: Summer Enrichment

  Summer EnrichmentR904Freshman Project Excel Math3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR905Freshman Project Excel English3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR910Summer Enrichment Academy 13 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR924IFA Mathematics Improvement6 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR925IFA Reading Improvement6 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR926IFA Mathematics Improvement3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR927IFA Reading Improvement 3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR934Sophomore Academy Algebra6 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR935Sophomore Academy Reading6 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR936Sophomore Academy Math3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR937Sophomore Academy Reading3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR942ESL Academy English - Level A3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR943ESL Academy English - Level B3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR944ESL Academy English - Level C3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR945ESL Academy English - Level D3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR946ESL Academy - Mathematics I3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR947ESL Academy - Mathematics II3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR955Sophomore Project Excel3 weeks
  Summer EnrichmentR965Junior Project Excel3 weeks

Dept: Vocational Education

  Vocational EducationT902Vocational Seminar Work Exper6 weeks

Dept: World Language

  World LanguageL966Spanish Proficiency Enrichment3 weeks